"Graphics is my life"

Let it be hand-drawing, digital art, webdesign, 3D-modelling, movie making, cutting, or special-effecting, I cant imagine myself without them.

Its me.

Hi There!

My name is Gabor Alberti (z3u5), and I am a freelancer
graphic and movie designer. My main profile is creating
infographic movies, but I can deal with movie intros, brand
logos, 3D renders, UI interfaces, webdesigns, flyer designs...
Check out my movies, graphics and webdesigns.
And if you want to hire me, or just need some advices,
or just want to say "Hi!" to me, feel free to contact me.

Why me?

I'm a bit maximalist about work, and that means "pixelpreceision".
Yet I'm loyal to the deadline, so if some reason there is no time
for full work, I can decrease work time with particular methods
without looseing any quality of the final product.